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Ocelot Academy II Wins Season Opener vs La Maquina

calendario 11.09.2022
by: Salvador Torres
  • Amateur
  • California
  • United States
  • UPSL Div.I
  • Men
  • UPSL Div.I - Men
Ocelot Academy II Wins Season Opener vs La Maquina

Ocelot Academy II get the late winning goal against La Maquina in the first game of the UPSL D1 SoCal East season. 



Counting from the previous spring season, Ocelot Academy II (OA II) has had a better record against its opponent. Previously branded as MAFO, Ocelot Academy defeated LA Maquina (LAM) twice, 3-0 and 2-1, during the regular season. Both sides eventually clinched the promotional playoffs, with La Maquina placing 2nd in the SoCal east table and OA II placing 3rd. La Maquina fell to another MAFO chapter club (West LA) 7-1 in the SoCal promotional quarterfinals, and OA II fell to Chiriaco 2-1 in the playoff play-in match 2-1. 


Match Recap 

On a humid late Saturday evening at Colton high school, both teams were set to kick out the opening of the fall 2022 season. The visitor's La Maquina started attacking as soon as the whistle blew, getting a chance that the OA II keeper blocked at goal within 90 seconds. The hosts looked rusty to respond with bad passes getting intercepted. LAM players created space in the 1v1 situations to make the pass, showing off their reasonable body control to fend off the pressure. While OA II is struggling to be reactionary to this style. A few minutes later, the hosts got into their rhythm, connecting passes and moving forward with some chances that challenged the LAM keeper. Around the half-hour mark, the game's pace slowed for both teams, with the hosts now getting more possession and making plays.  


Then, after an OA II foul, LAM reset quickly and got a goal. A goal was later called back by the center referee and side ref that the quick play was invalid after the visitors finished celebrating. LAM is now back with possession, but the game was back and forth for both sides. LAM makes many lob passes moving forward, while OA II only sends air balls for a cross or in the final 3rd. With that and various bookings for both sides, the half ends scoreless. 


The 2nd half kickoffs, and within 5 minutes, the hosts break the tie. OA II gets a goal off a deflected shot, with a rebound shot on the near right post. The ball lands in the back of the net. OA II now connected more passes, holding more possession than in the first half. The visitors are still with their game plan from the first half. They would get two great chances in response to the goal by their #10 contributing directly or indirectly to them. While they keep the waves of attacks going, the fans OA II were unhappy with the ref calls and lack of calls against the hosts, who have been called for fouls constantly. 


LAM is still knocking on the door, looking for the tie by driving up the gut with the forward's individual efforts 1v1 on the OA II defense. While the hosts played the counter-attack after forcing a turnover. However, LAM gets a counter with their forward getting a breakaway. He drives into traffic on his way to the box without losing possession and finishes in style for the equalizer. With the game tied, it's still back and forth between the two sides, but the fouls are getting more personal and physical. Before stoppage time, the OA II player takes a powerful shot outside the box. It takes a deflection and zooms into the net before the keeper can react, and OA II breaks the tie near the end of the game. 2-1 advantage for OA II. With 3 minutes added to stoppage time, OA II gets a red card for a last-man tackle 5 yards outside their box. With the game's last play, the LAM free kick taker decides to go for a goal to salvage the point, but the ball goes over the net. The match ends with OA II winning 2-1 in an exciting and dramatic-filled conclusion. 



With a win to start the season, Octlet Academy II will travel to face LA Aztecs next Saturday, and La Maquina will have their home opener against Lobos SHA next Sunday night. 

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