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Q&A with Louisiana Krewe

calendario 16.08.2021
by: Independent Soccer Blog
  • Indiana
  • United States
Q&A with Louisiana Krewe

In one of our two upcoming Q&A posts, coming up, we interview GCPL club Louisiana Krewe. The club, recently had an incredible trophy winning year, and also had come off of qualification for the US Open Cup before it was cancelled this year. So, we thought there wouldn't be a better club to interview than the Krewe!

Q: With the club winning the treble, are you planning to join a higher league in NISA?

A: With winning in competition that represent NISA in our region and GCPL that is also partnered with NISA its pivotal to see what competition we can break into to challenge ourselves regardless the league our mission is to bring Pro to Louisiana!

Q: How do you think the club can grow over the next months/years?

A: I think the club will continue to grow as it has the past 2 years and hopefully we can use last season’s momentum to keep growing we have more fan support, more community support, and players are looking for a spot to compete in our team and train in our professional environment We uphold a high standard and all thanks to staff and Volunteers off the field and the players on the field

Q: With the Open Cup coming back, do you think the club can pull of the same feat and qualify for it?

A: The Open Cup is a tough pill to swallow as we proved ourselves with no reward with the pandemic closing the competition… we want to do it again, but not this season, we don’t want to go again with the same situation Q: Does the club hope to become professional one day?

The idea has always been to become a professional team in Louisiana and represent Lafayette on a national and professional level!

Stay tuned for the next Q&A post, it will be out soon!

The article was written by Source: Independent Soccer Blog

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Source: Source: Independent Soccer Blog

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