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Strategic partnership announcement with Independent Soccer Blog

calendario 12.07.2021
by: NonProSoccer
  • United States
Strategic partnership announcement with Independent Soccer Blog

Strategic Partnership Announcement
Today, is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Independent Soccer Blog, a soccer blog covering NISA from an independent perspective of the Professional league. The creator, Gracin Galbreath, is a midwestern native with a passion for covering the National Independent Soccer Association. With a common goal of growing the American soccer community, NonProSoccer and ISB will collaborate in bringing more coverage to the professional soccer teams of the NISA Pyramid.

The partnership will improve and spotlight the young division 3 league with personal commentary on how NISA aims to stand out in the American soccer landscape with push notifications of the latest and exclusive articles straight to our mobile app for fans to get a unique perspective of the league.

"I think this partnership is great for both parties. We'll be able to expand the coverage of NISA's leagues and clubs together, with better resources and tools, while helping more people learn about the Association. With our future plans, we're going be able to post on both our website and on NonProSoccer's and their app, while still maintaining posting on Twitter too. I'm excited to see the growth of NISA using both of the blogs together! Thank you to NonProSoccer for getting in touch with us, and here's to growing the NISA Pyramid!" -Gracin Galbreath of ISB.

"In order to increase our coverage of NISA, it is our pleasure to involve the Independent Soccer Blog in the NonProSoccer network, with both platforms covering together this enthusiastic league together. We are sure that this strategic partnership will be a win-win for both websites and all supporters." -Claudio Izzo NPS Founder.

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