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IER gets 3 points from 3 goals against Outcasts FC

calendario 29.06.2021
by: Salvador Torres
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  • SoCal Premier - Premier
IER gets 3 points from 3 goals against Outcasts FC

IER gets a 3-1 win over Outcasts FC on Sunday night in the SoCal Premier-Premier division. 


IER was in 4th place with 9 points and a 3-0-2 record with a GD of +3. They were on a one-game winning streak following a 6-0 win over LA Power, who had 10 men. Meanwhile, Outcasts FC had 4 points with a 1-1-2 record and a GD of -1. They were on a 1 game losing streak as they fall to Monster Crew on Saturday 2-1. 

Match Recap 

On a warm Sunday afternoon at Ralph Lewis Sports Complex in Fontana, Ca, both IER and Outcasts were set to kick off in front of a crowd of fewer than 30 people. As the match kicked off, it was notable that the ofc goalkeeper wasn't an actual goalkeeper but rather an outfielder by the way he blocked two shots with his feet. Despite this, both teams played similarly at the beginning of the match. Both teams were even with standing tackles and lobbing the ball to their forwards from the back. IER had more possession, but ofc defense was there to shut down IER's attack on the final third. What also gave IER the edge was them making tough passes in traffic. In the 14th minute, a tackle in the box by the ofc goalkeeper on the IER forward looked like a penalty. However, the referee gave a yellow card to the forward for diving. IER still had control of the match; they pressed ofc by double-teaming in midfield and turning over possession. Then on the transition, the forwards would penetrate the ball down the middle of the ofc defense to get a shot. Afterward, in the 22', ofc gets in the box and the forward makes a laser shot into the net to take the lead first. Then in the 26', it looked like IER get a quick goal back but was disallowed. The net behind the ofc keeper was broken, and all the players, including the ofc gk, agreed it was a goal, but the ref pointed for a goal kick as he thought the shot was out of bounds. Ultimately, ofc made a fair play move and allowed IER to make a goal, and now the score is even. IER still maintained most of the control, pushing into ofc's final third and preventing ofc to reach their final third. Then in the 33' IER gets a goal from a lob and chase pass that made the goalkeeper withdraw from his box, and the IER forward places it into the empty net. The half ends with IER leading 2-1.


At the half, one notable change for ofc was a change in goalkeepers. IER hasn't changed much since the 1st half as they continued to press high, forcing ofc to fall back. They also started playing from the back, being more patient, and completing passes. That made them have more attacking opportunities throughout the half. For the away team, they started concentrating the attack to the left side of the field, but IER is there to shut them down in the final third. The defenders did this by controlling the high balls and resetting the backline afterward. With ofc not putting offense pressure, IER had time and space to plan for their next move. At this point, they planned to counterattack after forcing the turnover. In the 79', IER doubles their insurance from a blocked freekick, and a mash-up started in the box. Eventually, an IER player forced a shot in traffic, and it goes in. The remaining minutes saw choppy fouls till the referee blows the final whistle, and IER wins the match. 


Post Match 

After this result, both teams remain in the same position as before. IER continues their winning streak to 2 and now have 12 points, 1 point behind 3rd place Real Sociedad Royals. Their next match is the weekend after independence day against Olympiacos Ca for match week 9. On the other hand, Outcasts FC suffers a weekend full of losses and will have to face 1st place Magia Futbol Academy, who are undefeated.  




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