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The new app to follow all soccer leagues in the USA -

calendario 22.11.2020
by: Nonprosoccer
  • United States
The new app to follow all soccer leagues in the USA - was founded in 2019 with the goal of giving value to all soccer league in the USA (professional, semi-professional, amateur, college, youth, indoor…) and creating a unique web platform for American soccer players, staff and supporters. tries to show all news, scores, standings, goalscorers and statistics for every soccer league in the USA.

The idea started in Italy in 2006, where we have created, a website and mobile app which became the leader for non-professional Italian soccer in 2011.
Thanks to our users passion and collaboration, we are able to guarantee ever more soccer information about all teams, in all cities and of all players.

Work are in progress, stay tuned!
For further information write to:
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