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Give more digital value to your player!

calendario 16.11.2020
by: Nonprosoccer
Give more digital value to your player!

If you don’t find your player-profile, ask to your staff to insert the roster of your team, or make it by your own, it very simple (click here).

Your profile will show your Name, Last Name, Team and Position; even more you will have the chance to see other information like your career, pictures, videos and statistics.
In addition to all these informations, you can have more details about everything clicking on CONTACTS, to have the possibility to talk directly with coaches, sports directors and experts.

Don’t forget that you need to SIGN IN to edit your personal player-profile.
Moreover, you will have the possibility to add all your past teams and stats in the CAREER section, from 1980 to nowadays.
Since all these informations are strictly personal we invite everyone to add and edit all your own data, or if your friend gave you the permission already.

Joining all the functions of, people will edit the informations of every single player, obtaining all the statistics that you need of players and teams year by year. In this way our website will give the chance to all the users to have full data and info, having a full background of the player every year.

To modify a player-profile you only have to click on the name and select EDIT. If you don’t find a player you can add him on the roster of the team, clicking on ROSTER, and after that clicking on EDIT will give you the chance to add all the players you want to.

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