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The Sun Conference Playoff Men

calendario 21.11.2020
by: NonProSoccer
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The Sun Conference Playoff Men

The 14th of November started the Sun Conference Tournament Championship to determine who will be the champions and the second team to move on to the NAIA national tournament. The quarterfinals would face the teams classify from the third to the sixth position during the regular season.  In the two quarterfinal marches, any surprise happened, where the third and the fourth classify, Southeastern and Webber International beat respectively 3-0 and 3-1, Ave Maria and Warner.
The semifinals took off on 17th November. Kaiser University won 5-1 without any problem against the fourth classify, Webber International. On the other semifinals, the second rank St. Thomas won 2-0 against Southeastern and reached the final for the third time in five years.
On 20th November the last match of the season would face Kaiser University , first classify and with an open strike of 12 winnings during the season and St. Thomas , classified as second. The match was extremely fought, but in the end, St. Thomas could beat Kaiser University, which achieved their only loss on the most crucial game of the season.  Congratulations to St. Thomas had been winning the third Sun Conference Tournament Championship in five years, and it will approve to the first NAIA national tournament stage.

Picture taken from The Sun Conference

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