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Mountain Conference Recap

calendario 20.11.2020
by: NonProSoccer
  • Mountain Conference
  • UPSL - Men - Fall
  • UPSL Men Division I
  • UPSL Men Fall Division I
  • Upsl
  • Upsl soccer
  • Upsl standings
Mountain Conference Recap

No matches had been playing this weekend in the Mountain Conference. The
season is close to the end.
San Juan FC vs. Boise Cutthroats FC is the only game left to play, and it will be
essential to establish the playoffs pairs. The home team obtained 11 points so
far, and these 3 points would allow it to finish the regular season at the first
position in the rankings surpassing African Stars. It came from two wins in a
row, including the last match played against Boise Cutthroats (2-1 away).
If Boise Cutthroats FC gains 3 points, it will surpass San Juan reaching the
leader at 13 points. The goal difference would be crucial to finish the regular
season on top of the table.

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