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Southeast Conference Mid-Atlantic South Division Recap

calendario 19.11.2020
by: NonProSoccer
  • Mid-Atlantic - South Division I
  • Southeast Conference
  • UPSL - Men - Fall
  • UPSL Men Division I
  • UPSL Men Fall Division I
  • Upsl
  • Upsl soccer
  • Upsl standings
Southeast Conference Mid-Atlantic South Division Recap

Great results came out this weekend in this challenging division!
Charleston United SC and Soda City FC split one point each in this big match.
The 3-3 draw was a missed opportunity for Soda City to be sure of the first
position. On the other hand, Combine Rush came out with a 4-0 win against
Savannah Clovers FC. Thanks to these 3 points, the team reached the leader
with 19 points.
The remaining game to play will be crucial for the final standings. On Saturday,
Soda City will face against Greensboro International on its way for the first
position. They came from two wins with 9-0 as the aggregate score in the two
matches played this weekend against Lobos FC. Soda City must not lose this
game if it wants to become the champion.

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