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Updating your team's data and engage with nonprosoccer community

calendario 16.11.2020
by: Nonprosoccer
  • United States
Updating your team's data and engage with nonprosoccer community aims to become the leading American soccer related platform, that provides results, standings, scores and much more! For this reason, it will very important, for the sake of the website’s growth, that each team correctly manages its details and data, in order to give useful and accurate info to our users, reflecting the organization’s values on and off the field!
If your league is missing, read here!

Nonprosoccer’s most interesting feature allows users to interact with the platform by updating team’s data and engage with the community. To do so, surf on the team’s page and click on “EDIT” to access the opportunity to edit the league’s settings, as well as the teams’ (you can use search function too).

Any given edition will be verified and approved by our experts prior to being posted on the website; once the changes have been approved, the user will receive a confirmation email as the settings have been ultimately modified.
It is important for us to know that your staff could be easily retrievable by ours, by the players, by opponents and possible partners; therefore, we ask you to pay a lot of attention when inserting the details and be sure all the info are accurate (e-mail and social media accounts!)
Supporters and opponents will also be able to click on the stadium’s address and be redirected to Google Maps for a far more accurate location for anyone who would like to attend and participate to the game!
Do not forget to impress with your team’s page neatness! The better the logo, the more your fans will be encouraged to commit to the community!

And last, but not least, update your ROSTER and STAFF in order to make your team’s home page as much updated as possible, so that everyone can keep up with updated stats!

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