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Central Conference South Division Recap

calendario 15.11.2020
by: NonProSoccer
  • Central Conference
  • South Division I
  • UPSL Men Division I
  • UPSL Men Fall Division I
  • Upsl soccer
  • Upsl standings
  • Amateur
  • United States
  • UPSL - Men
Central Conference South Division Recap

Let's take a look at the results of this week in the UPSL Central Conference South Division!

On Friday night, La Maquina FC achieved the second win in a row, which has
overwhelmed Panthers United FC in an 8-1 away. Those three points allow the
winner team to reach second place in the table with 7 points in 4 matches. On
Saturday night, Barcellona Soccer Excellence did not gain any point. It has been beaten on its field by
Houston Dynasty FC with 1-0 as the final score. After three consecutive draws,
the team achieved the first win of the season, reaching third place
in the ranking with 6 points. Only two points divide the leader, BSE, from its pursuer, La Maquina FC.

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