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Non Pro Soccer Predictions Competition

A new exciting competition is born at Non Pro Soccer: all registered users have the opportunity to show off their predictive skills.

Uniquely, the Non Pro predictions competition allows you to predict the highest number of results among all the matches on our site. From MLS to Amateur leagues, you can try your hand at picking scores and results at all levels.

To participate, simply be registered and enter your prediction (1, X, 2) from the website or from our apps for Android and iOS.


All registered users can participate, if you are not yet registered you can do it for free on this page.

Predictions can be entered from the website, the Android app or the iOS app by entering the match sheet.

For each correct prediction 3 points are awarded, for each incorrect prediction 1 point is subtracted.

There will be 2 rankings: one based on the total points obtained by adding all the predictions, the other based on the percentage of successful predictions.

The rankings are drawn up every week, so there will be weekly winners. Furthermore, at the end of the season the final rankings will be drawn up, announcing the seasonal winners. The winners will be awarded Non Pro branded merchandise.

At least 20 predictions must be made to enter the weekly percentage ranking. If fewer than 20 predictions are made, 50% will be assigned as a percentage score for the day. In the general percentage ranking it will be possible to enter after having made at least 200 predictions and if the activity has not been interrupted for more than 30 days. It means that no more than 30 days can pass between one prediction and another.

Every Thursday afternoon, starting from Thursday 5 September, the points that each user has earned during the week will be calculated, and the rankings for the week will then be drawn up.

On the homepage you can see the weekly rankings. To see the total ranking you can click HERE.

Users who enter wrong results specifically to get the prediction right will be immediately removed from the game.

The rankings drawn up every week (Thursday) are to be considered valid and definitive, even if some of the results entered should be incorrect and not yet correct.

The forecasts entered cannot be changed. You can enter the predictions of all matches not yet started.

How to make predictions

To be able to make predictions you must first be registered (registration page).

Predictions can be entered from the website, from the Android app or from the iOS app.

Insertion from the site

On the website just enter the match sheet (for example by clicking on INFO on the results page) and then click on 1, X, 2. The following images illustrate how to predict from the website:

pronostico risultati pronostico partita

Insert from apps (Android and iOS)

From the app you have to access the match page (by clicking on one of the two teams on the results page) and then click on 1, X, 2. The following images illustrate how to predict from the apps:

pronostico risultati pronostico partita

NonProSoccer gadgets

At the end of the season the final gadgets will be awarded for the first 10 users of the points ranking and for the first 10 of the percentage ranking.

Points assignment

In the table below you can consult the points that are awarded:


Weekly rankings (updated to )

Points classification

Percentage ranking

Further information

For any information, doubt or curiosity about the competition, do not hesitate to contact us at:

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