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NOSL Match-of-the-Week Preview: Mansfield Liederkranz vs Team Vulpine

calendario 12.05.2021
by: Gary Wiggins
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  • NOSL
  • Northern Ohio Soccer League
  • Ohio
  • United States
  • NOSL - Northern Ohio Soccer League
NOSL Match-of-the-Week Preview: Mansfield Liederkranz vs Team Vulpine

After a long offseason and some week one mix-ups, it’s finally time for the NOSL teams to take to the field. The 2021 NOSL season presented by Offside Marketing presents teams new and old with a chance to lay claim to the top spot NOSL. With a fresh slate of games ahead of us, it’s time to get to know two of the league’s newest clubs, Mansfield Liederkranz and Team Vulpine, and preview what we might see in this weekend’s featured match.

Mansfield Liederkranz – Writing a New Chapter in Club History
Mansfield Liederkranz comes to the NOSL with one of the more storied histories in the league. Founded in 1906, Mansfield Liederkranz is actually a German cultural club that offers many adult and youth programs (including soccer) in which members can compete. The club is also a member of the US National Donauschwaben Society and competes at the US National Donauschwaben tournament every Memorial Day weekend.

Mansfield’s soccer began in 1926 as a part of the now-defunct American Soccer League (ASL) with their first game being played against the Cleveland Banaters. Now in the NOSL, Mansfield’s players and coaches will be aiming to add more trophies to sit in the cabinet beside their 1961, 1962, and 1963 Ohio Cup trophies. The history of the club will continue this year with Coach Jeff Huggins at the helm. Coach Huggins brings 30 years of playing experience with him as he leads the club this season. The rich history of the club will be on display as many of the players on the field have been raised in the club for most of their lives.

Overall, Mansfield’s current roster is made up of players that come from seven different local high schools and twelve different college teams, with eighteen of the players being either current or former collegiate players. 

Key Players:
Gavon Huggins (#12, Defender) – In keeping with the lineage of Mansfield’s team, Gavon is the son of coach Jeff Huggins. Gavon has grown up watching his father play for the club and is now ready for his chance to lead the defensive line in the NOSL this season.

Matt Weaver (#1, Goalkeeper) –  Matt Weaver has also grown up within the club. Following in his father’s footsteps, Matt will be the main man in goal this season for Liederkranz. Matt brings elite colligate pedigree to the game from his time at Baldwin Wallace University as well as a plethora of awards from his high school career.

Team Vulpine – It Runs in The Family
Team Vulpine joins the NOSL with a bit of a different story than Mansfield. Vulpine’s story was born out of two players' love for the game and their community. Both goalkeeper Bryce Blair and midfielder Jakob Taggart played with Wayne County Rovers during the 2019 season. After the team folded, both agreed that they wanted to continue to play. After a bit of time, they turned to their parents (and now owners) Dana Blair of Blair Signs and Dave Taggart of Tag’s Termite Control to help with starting a new club.

On the field, fans can expect an exciting club that is built on a mix of collegiate, club, and all-star high school players. Lead by collegiate players like Eric Mitchell (Thiel College), Kyle Ryter (Hiram College), and Wesley Burton (Walsh University), Team Vulpine is expecting to get started with positive results as a result of their blistering attack.

Key Players:
Eric Mitchell (#11, Forward) – Eric Mitchell brings a wealth of experience to the Team Vulpine attack. The 2018 graduate from Thiel College played four years in midfield and also was a captain for the Tomcats. Prior to his time at Thiel, Eric was a standout at Barberton High School.

Jakob Taggart (#10, Midfielder) – Jakob brings a wealth of NOSL experience to Team Vulpine from his time with former club Wayne County Rovers. Jakob finished his 2019 season with three goals for Wayne County in all competitions and was tied for seventh place in total goals scored.

Game Info:         Sunday, May 16, 2021, 2:00 PM
                             Mansfield Liederkranz Field
                             1212 Silver Lane
                             Mansfield, Ohio 44906

Streaming Channel:

The article was written by NOSL League Office

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Source: NOSL League Office

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