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Breakdown of the NPSL announcement of the 2021 play series

calendario 20.01.2021
by: NonProSoccer
  • North Carolina
Breakdown of the NPSL announcement of the 2021 play series

The NPSL announced today a play series to mark a return to play for 2021. In the announcement, the play series is summed up as: 

  • Location of play will vary based on state restrictions (meaning parts of the league will play while other teams won't) 
  • It won't be a one-off pre-season tournament leading to the start in May (more on this later) 
  • Only NPSL teams will participate in this play series. 
  • More info will come in the following months while teams plan around their respective state restrictions. 
Last season, the NPSL canceled their 2020 season when the west region southwest conference was already in week 3. The only playing time that happened during the 2020 year after the traditional summer season was the new u-19 pilot, which was mostly played by southern teams.

This new play series seems to be a method of having some soccer to be played in the league after the long pause, even if it won't include all the teams in the country. Like other national amateur leagues, this play series will look to be concentrated on regions where the restrictions are more lenient. Another observation is the quote Managing Director Cindy Spera said in the statement "The league has been unveiling a strong group of expansion teams, and we look forward to getting everyone back on the field safely." This could be a subtle hint that the league wants to roll out the new and popular expansion side Appalachian FC for fans to see, as well as not fall behind to other leagues who are in the thick of the season or playoffs. A final observation, one that could be answered in the near future, is what this play series will mean to the regular summer season. 

As stated earlier, this play series isn't the normal season "nor is it a one-time pre-season tournament. The series will include any playing activity leading up to the NPSL summer season, scheduled to start in May." This sounds like the results of this play series may or may not carry into the scheduled regular season if it isn't a one-time pre-season tournament. Take, for example, FC Arizona plays the Las Vegas Legends in a home and away series and they win both games, do those results carry over to the summer season? Or is it like another NPSL project like members or founders cup? Either or, a follow-up announcement would definitely answer these speculations.     

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