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Fall 2021 Season Preview, Georgia Divisions Get An Upgrade!

calendario 12.10.2021
by: drefooty
  • Fall
  • Georgia
Fall 2021 Season Preview, Georgia Divisions Get An Upgrade!

A guide for the fans, by the fans!

Smallworld Soccer’s Danny Katula and Drefooty Studio’s Fredrick Irving give you a brief insight into each of the soccer clubs, both new and old, in the UPSL Georgia Premier Division and Division 1 respectively.

With the year-round structure of the United Premier Soccer League, no time is wasted between seasons as we move swiftly on into what we expect will be a fantastic Fall season. Now we have some new exciting teams entering the divisions and it is the goal of this magazine to get you to know them better.

Use this as a guide as the season goes on and you attend games in person or watch games live on Eleven Sports where you are with your mobile device or comp

Get to know our teams and enjoy and get ready for action!!!

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