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Dragon city crowned champion and advance further in the UPSL playoffs

calendario 23.01.2021
by: Salvador Torres
  • Florida
  • Semi-Pro
  • UPSL Men Spring Division I
Dragon city crowned champion and advance further in the UPSL playoffs

After 90 minutes and stoppage time, Dragon city clinches to the UPSL National playoffs round of 32 with a solid 3-1 win over St. Petersburg Aztecs. This win helps the Dragons win the UPSL Southeast Conference Florida West title and will play the Florida South Champion on the 30th of January. 

The first half was all in favor for the boys in white. In the first 10-15 minutes, the forwards applied high press on the Aztecs defensive to turnover the ball and make attacks. Along with the pressure, the Dragons were aggressive and physical to win tackles and keep possession in 50/50 balls. They had the most possession in the half, having time to think for passes and making a lot of pass & go plays. In the 29th minute, the Dragons breakthrough with the first goal by a great switch cross by their left midfielder to give their striker on the opposite end of the field a bouncing ball to finish on the far left post to take the lead. The Aztecs during the first half seemed passive when the defense was in possession and didn't have a sense of urgency to make a play and their method of attack was to get a turnover in the midfield and make a lob pass for the forward to chase down the field. 

The second half started with a change in tone with the Aztecs looking different from the first 45 minutes. The team became more organized in their passing, using the width of the field and putting in crosses. They would also have more possession in the second half compared to the Dragons. Despite coming out better, they lose the ball in midfield after a short-ended pass that helped set up a quick counter-attack on the right-wing for a low shot finish to give the Dragons a 2-0 lead. 

After the second goal, the team in white was more laid back and absorbing the attack to maintain the lead. Then the Aztecs in blue finally broke through in the 70th with a free-kick cross from outside the box and an Aztec player heads it in to cut the lead to 2-1.  From this point to the near end of the game, the Aztecs had chances to tie the match. Then in the 89th minute, a throw-in for the Dragons on the left side helped set up for strikers curling shot to the far right post to double the lead for the Dragons.

After the final whistle, the Dragons claim the Florida West title, continuing their unbeaten record (14 wins and 2 ties) to face the Florida South champions next weekend.        

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